Digital X-Ray Imaging in Princeville, HI

Advanced X-Ray Equipment for Quicker Diagnoses & Treatment

Makana North Shore Urgent Care offers an x-ray lab on-site with immediate interpretation by physicians who then can diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses from broken bones to pneumonia.
Instead of going to an ER or waiting for a referral from your doctor to obtain an x-ray, our on-site medical professional and certified x-ray technician will perform the x-ray study for your convenience. This will allow us to rapidly diagnose your illness or injury during your visit to our clinic. All of our x-rays are digital and can be used to assist in diagnosing other illnesses and conditions including pneumonia, infection, and abdominal issues.
The accuracy of our x-rays is important to us to best serve you and ensure a proper diagnosis. In addition to being read by our on-site medical professionals, all of our digital x-rays are also interpreted by a board-certified radiologist who will provide a formal radiology report for you. At your request, we can also provide the digital images for your files or for you to take to your primary care physician. Everything is done in one visit, so you can save time and heal faster.