Makana North Shore Urgent Care Medical Professionals will diagnose and provide comprehensive treatment for most all acute and chronic illnesses that people commonly see a doctor for. We are open 24/7 for treatment if and when you need us for non-life-threatening illnesses. Some of the more common illness indications seen at Urgent Care are noted below:

Injuries/Sports Medicine

With warm weather, beautiful beaches, thousands of vacationers and local sports teams and all the activities available throughout Kauai, Makana North Shore Urgent Care sees our share of patients with immediate need for treatment. Our medical professionals are very experienced in treating a wide variety of injuries and providing sports medicine expertise to athletes and weekend or vacation warriors alike.

Medical Services

As a fast, affordable alternative to emergency room care for patients with non-life-threatening conditions, Makana North Shore Urgent Care offers patients a convenient treatment option, not only for a wide variety of illnesses and injuries but also by providing essential services needed most commonly by patients that would typically visit local doctors’ offices and hospitals.

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