Medical Examinations & Services for Work & Sports

Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine is most simply, the area where companies, employee’s health, and medicine overlap. Makana North Shore Urgent Care provides exceptional emergency care, and we understand that employers want to provide the best possible medical care for their employees for work-related injuries and illnesses. That’s why our approach focuses on getting our patients better fast so that they can get back to work quickly. We are a cost-effective alternative to expensive emergency room visits and help to reduce the overall healthcare burden that a company may incur.

Routine Occupational Services

Contact us to perform immunizations, vaccines, blood work, and other specialized services for your employees.

Occupational Injuries

We also treat for industrial injuries, repetitive work injuries, post-accident follow-up, fractures and sprains, lacerations and burns, IV fluid hydration, women’s health issues, cold, flu, upper respiratory conditions, and more.

Corporate Wellness

Our board-certified physicians can keep your employees up to date on their flu shots and provide health screenings, standard work and routine employment physicals, electrocardiograms, confidential testing, and evaluation for physical work strain issues as well.

Sports Physicals

A sports physical is not the same as a regular physical; sports physicals assess the health and fitness of an individual in relation to a particular sport they want to play. A physical examination by a physician is required for high school athletics in Hawaii.
A sports physical is often called a pre-participation physical. The athlete is examined to identify any high-risk disorder or condition that might affect an athlete’s ability to safely play. The sports physical varies among providers, but the goals of the exam are generally the same. The purpose of a sports physical is to gain an understanding of the following factors:
Medical history
Physical maturity
Any existing injuries
Current fitness level
Conditions that might increase the risk of injury
Makana North Shore Urgent Care has EKG equipment for heart monitoring and digital x-ray technology to evaluate sprains, broken bones, and back pain. Saving you money is important, which is why we keep our physicals affordable.
Another goal of ours to help prevent sports injuries. In an effort to prevent ankle sprains, the sports injury we see most often, our urgent care center gives student athletes FREE orthopedic-grade ankle supports.